Praise for our healing balms:

The salve you made for my (finger) nails really worked! Nothing else had worked and the problem has plagued me for years.”
-Lynn from Lake Oswego, OR

It really works. This is the only thing that has worked on my knee through the years. Heat, Ben- gay, etc. only made the outside feel good, but did nothing for the inside. After using your medicine, the swelling went down the second day, and four days later it was almost all gone. I really appreciate what you did for me. “
-Wayne from Sandy, OR

Thank you for the balm you made me for the eczema on my shoulder. It really worked! Also, I have used your healing joint and muscle balm for a surgery site on my wrist and for other aches and pains. My husband uses it for aching joints. He’s a large animal vet who has been bumped more than a few times by horses, cows, and other critters!”
-Candi from Wakarusa, IN

The circulation balm you made me really made my sore neck feel better.”
-Mary from Spokane, WA

Lotion and potion love:

My workout buddies at the gym always borrow the lotion you gave me. We all love the smell!”
-Nancy from Boring, OR

I love and have great results with the insect repellent. Smells great and works for grandkids and for dogs, too, in Indiana woods and the mountains of Wyoming. I also love the tinted lip balm. Better than lipstick. Tastes good and adds just enough color but still looks natural.”
-Candi from Wakarusa, IN